Sustainability Coaches

Coaching with experts

One of the highlights of ecoBiz is our one-on-one coaching program. Through direct access to our expert sustainability consultants, you will be provided with an action plan to start saving within your business.

When you join ecoBiz and complete the pre-coaching requirements, one of our sustainability consultants will visit your place of work for up to two hours. During this coaching, the consultant will give you advice on how to cut costs and increase efficiencies across energy, water and waste tailored to your business, and a report outlining actionable 'no cost', 'low cost' and 'high cost' initiatives. 

Queensland businesses with significant resource use (big bills!) are most suited to the program.  This includes community organisations and other ‘profit for purpose’ groups.  Sole traders and home businesses are encouraged to access the ‘Do it yourself’ toolkit and other online resources.

Ross Anderson is a champion of change working to improve economic and business outcomes through sustainable practice. Ross is an ecoBiz Sustainability Coach for the Wide Bay Region, including Bundaberg and Maryborough.During his time operating his own consulting business, Ross was contracted by the Burnett Economic Development Organization (BIEDO) to service the Wide Bay Burnett Inland Region. He has engaged and partnered with all levels of government and stakeholders to improve outcomes for the regions business and industry community. Ross has completed a Diploma in Sustainability and Project Management along with a certification in Training and Assessment. With experience managing his own consulting business, Ross can identify with the challenges that SMEs face in the current market place. During his consulting career, Ross has audited over 300 individual business and identified over 2.5 million in possible energy savings. Ross has sat on the Queensland Energy Consumers Reference Committee which provided a platform to discuss energy related issues that SMEs and constituents in Queensland face. Along with this, Ross has had considerable responsibilities in project delivery such as the stewardship of the South Burnett Livable Region project and collaboration with Growing the Burnett IncRoss is the Director of Aqua Gold Consulting which is dedicated to working collaboratively with business and communities to achieve sustainable strategies that maximizing value and growth. 

 Andrew Chamberlin in an experienced ecoBiz Sustainability Coach who works throughout Queensland, with tertiary qualifications in Urban and Regional Planning, and Environmental Science. As an accomplished project manager and collaborator, Andrew holds 20 years of experience in delivering programs and projects in sustainability, planning, renewable energy, water and urban regeneration. Andrew can provide an in-depth analysis of business operations with respect to waste,  water and energy efficiency to local SMEs, taking into consideration region specific challenges SMEs face. Andrew enjoys his leisure time with his wife and two children, he has a passion for being active through participating in triathlons, cycling events and SCUBA diving. Andrew is an executive member of the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand Climate Change Special Interest Section (CCSIS) and is also affiliated with the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA). Andrew is the Founder and Director of Limebranch, a consulting company with a focus on sustainable business solutions. 

Eddie Foord is an ecoBiz sustainability Coach based covering the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba regions with a passion for environmental and health and safety management. Eddie has a proven track record in identifying, managing and improving organizations environmental, health and safety aspects. Eddie draws on a substantial reservoir of knowledge achieved from an impressive academic track record, possessing designations in Environmental conservation and management, Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and having attended the Harvard School of Business, to name a few. Having previously filled roles such as Environmental Coordinator, Sustainability manager, Founding Director at Viridian International Management and currently both a Senior Consultant and CEO and Founder at Youphoria Group, Edward likes to keep busy. In his spare time, Eddie enjoys a good game of football and possesses a strong belief in constant reinvention of self and synergism to achieve the best way forward. Edward has a passion for helping local organizations to realize their sustainability potential and has a robust set of coaching tactics to ensure success in ecoBiz coaching sessions. Eddie works with R!sk Simplified to provide risk assessment tools  to small and medium enterprises, in addition to offering Sustainability and Occupation Health Consulting.

Jane Gaffel is a Chartered Environmental Engineer, who graduated with honors from The University of Queensland, with over 17 years of experience in the environmental industry. She is an ecoBiz Sustainability Coach who services the area of Brisbane area and is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional through the Association of Energy Engineers and Efficiency Valuation Organization. Previously Jane was an environmental consultant in the water and environment field, focusing on stormwater management strategies, hydrology and hydraulics. She spent two years in England working as a water engineer and a Remediation Engineer on contaminated land sites. This experience involved all levels of site work from initial desktop assessments, site investigations and in situ contaminated land remediation. Jane is a founding director of The Ecoefficiency Group and maintains a strong understanding of ecoefficiency and sustainable assessment. Janes involvement in projects with the Ecoefficiency Group includes energy assessments for the foundry industry, preparation of reports for the Green Industry Initiative and ongoing sustainability training for The University of Queensland. Jane’s unique composition of skills and sustainability excellence makes her a valuable member of the ecoBiz team. She is affiliated with Engineers Australia, the Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering and the Association of Energy Engineers. Jane has completed designations in Arts, Environmental Engineering from the University of Queensland and bears capabilities in Environmental Management systems, Management systems Auditing and Leading Management Systems Audit Teams. Jane is a director of The Ecoefficiency Group which aims to achieve economic outcomes through sustainable practices. Working with businesses to developed tailored sustainability solutions for the ever-changing business landscape.

Andrew Hannay is a Townsville local and ecoBiz Townsville Sustainability Coach who was awarded the Townsville City Council Service Star Award for Leadership in 2015 As and experienced Environmental Coordinator and Project Manager Andrew possess immeasurable pride in his town, of which most of his work has taken place. Working with the Townsville City Council in roles varying from Natural Resources Management Officer, to the Coordinator of Community Ecological Restoration, Andrew can provide specialized local knowledge to SMEs in Townsville. Andrew has experience in conducting site audits, identifying energy conservation measures, implementing multi million-dollar upgrades/retrofitting and monitoring/verification of reporting. Andrew holds tertiary qualifications in Business management, Tropical Biology and Information Technology achieved at James Cook University in Andrews home town. In the past, Andrew was responsible for coordinating the implementation of council’s energy efficiency capital works in collaboration with other departments. Andrew has been recognised as the North Queensland Representative, in the Land Protection Fund Statewide Oversight Group and sits as Chair of the Townsville City Council Internal Bushfire Management working group. Andrew operates as an independent consultant providing business and communities with sustainability excellence.

Penny Prasad is a chemical engineer with over 23 years of experience working with manufacturing industries. In 2013, Penny was awarded a Glencore Xtrata Energy Leaders Scholarship and has completed a Master of Energy Studies with the International Energy Centre. Penny is an ecoBiz Sustainability Coach based in Brisbane and is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) through the Association of Energy Engineers and Efficiency Valuation Organization. She is a founding director of The Ecoefficiency Group with recent project experience in Level 2 Energy Audits. Penny has had extensive involvement with ecoBiz, in addition to 9 years of employment in food manufacturing with CSR Sugar Ltd and National Foods Ltd working in various operational roles including Quality Manager, Team Leader and Production Manager. Penny can provide a unique perspective to SMEs in Queensland that is informed by her considerable experience and education in Internal Environmental Auditing, Development planning, Chemical Engineering and Energy Studies. As a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, Dairy Industry Association Australia and Engineers without Borders; Penny has experience in, water management plans, energy assessments, industry carbon footprint/inventories, life cycle assessment and public environment reporting. Penny is a director of The Ecoefficiency Group which aims to achieve economic outcomes through sustainable practices. Working with businesses to developed tailored sustainability solutions for the ever changing business landscape.

Nicole Price has 30 years of experience in the field of environmental management and has worked for the last 17 years on capacity building projects that support the uptake of ecoefficiency. Nicole is a founding director of The Ecoefficiency Group which facilitates best management practices in sustainability across a variety of sectors such as industrial and manufacturingNicole possesses a wealth of knowledge as an ecoBiz Sustainability coach servicing the Brisbane area who was previously an ecoBiz Program AssociateNicole has extensive experience in designing, evaluating and providing ecoefficiency resources to food processing and retail, marine, foundry, tourism and general manufacturing industries. Nicole’s involvement in the field of environmental services and her contributions to the development of assessment tools such as the EarthCheck carbon calculator for the CRC for sustainable Tourism, and a streamlined Life Cycle Analysis tool for Queensland sugarcane farmers speaks to her dedication to sustainability. Nicole has completed a Diploma in Rural Techniques – Wilderness Reserves and Wildlife and holds a designation in Education, Majoring in Biology from the University of New England NSW. Nicole’s involvement in the sustainability sector extends to previous roles with local and state governments. Nicole has published several pieces on sustainable management, most recent of which is a collaboration on ‘Guideline for Water Recycling and Reuse in Red Meat Processing’ in the Australian Meat Processor Corporation.  Nicole is a director of The Ecoefficiency Group which aims to achieve economic outcomes through sustainable practices. Working with businesses to developed tailored sustainability solutions for the ever-changing business landscape.

Fiona Sleight, ecoBiz Cairns Sustainability Coach, possess a wealth of industry practice and evidence-based research knowledge coupled with a passion for sustainable tourism development. Fiona is the Director of EcoPro Consultancy which has successfully operated for 10 years providing mentorship and benchmarking to development initiatives with tourism operators based in FNQ, Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast and Sydney. Fiona can provide dependable guidance on challenges faced by SMEs as evidenced by her leadership in ecotourism and having engaged with small to medium businesses on a range of development projects. Fiona’s sustainability excellence has been demonstrated through her mentorship of Gold awarded QLD and NSW Operators 2015 Tourism Award winners, with an operator under her guidance receiving silver in Qantas National Tourism Awards 2016. Fiona is an action-oriented personality who thoroughly enjoys fostering partnerships in sustainability and engagement in conservation initiatives. Fiona has been classically trained in Business Sustainability Assessment having achieved tertiary qualifications in Science Protected Area Management and an Honors designation in Sociology and Applied Social Studies. Fiona is an established Environmental Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor ISO 4001. Fiona established EcoPro, a consultancy service established to provide independent certification assessment and auditing services to Ecotourism Australia. 

Acknowledgement of Country

Business Chamber Queensland respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners and custodians of the lands from across Queensland and the Torres Strait. We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the Traditional Custodians of Meanjin (Brisbane), the lands where our office is located and the place we meet, work and learn. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.