Queensland Beyond 2032 - At a glance

The Beyond 2032 Business Outlook is a  comprehensive, contemporary and long-term vision for the enduring economic, social and environmental future of Queensland.  

Beyond 2032 was formed using decades of business data and insight, business stories and experiences from Gympie and the Gold Coast to Geneva and insight from Olympics host cities in Europe and the UK to set the scene for the Queensland Olympic and Paralympic Games opportunities against a global context. 

This report is just the beginning. We will continue to lead the business agenda now and beyond 2032. 


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We looked at the opportunity ahead across four key pillars:


As the state's peak business body we are setting and leading the business agenda, now and beyond 2032, and are committed to ensuring businesses are front and centre of the next decade and beyond.

Message from our CEO

From July through to September 2032, the eyes of the world will turn to Brisbane and Queensland as we host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It will be a time of national pride, global attention, communal celebration and elite sporting performance that distils a lifetime of dedication down to the agony and ecstasy of split seconds.

For Queensland’s business community, it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and refashion our state as a contemporary and competitive global player, in the lead-up to, and beyond, 2032.


Through the catalyst that is the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we can enhance Queensland’s growth – for both the decade preceding 2032 and the years that will follow.

And it all comes down to the power of a single word – opportunity. As shown in the legacy of previous host cities, global sporting events such as the Olympics and Paralympics serve as a powerful springboard for transformation and innovation across all areas of our state.

They create the motivation and opportunity to advance the business experience from sustainability and economic growth, to prosperity and positive legacy.

To realise a positive business outcome, there must be careful consideration of both the opportunities and challenges.


As the state’s peak body for business, Business Chamber Queensland will lead a conversation that, ultimately, comes down to one key outcome: positioning the whole Queensland business community and economy beyond 2032.

We are identifying the opportunities and challenges, building capability, promoting sustainability, creating a framework for partnership and working with stakeholders at every level to ensure all of Queensland shares in the benefits, economic and otherwise, of 2032.

This is a powerful interplay of consultation, leadership, partnership and engagement that works with government, with industry, and with the regions, to map out exactly where Queensland is heading as a state – and where and what we want it to be post 2032.


Our Queensland Beyond 2032 Business Outlook represents our vision of how the Games journey can unfold, building on our legacy as the state’s peak body for business and as a member of an international chamber network with unparalleled insights into the global business landscape.

Drawing on this, we present one of the most comprehensive, timely and trusted snapshots of Queensland business conditions, sentiment and expectations for beyond 2032. In forming our Queensland Beyond 2032 Business Outlook we spoke to businesses and industries from Gympie to Geneva to understand the Queensland business environment in the context of the global experience. And we've shared some of those insights here.


Our objective with our Queensland Beyond 2032 Business Outlook is to answer the call to be ready and get ready to take up one of the greatest business opportunities of our generation.

To think big. To think bold. To think now.


In this prelude to our upcoming Queensland Beyond 2032 Business Outlook, Business Chamber Queensland offers a panoramic preview of the path that lies ahead for the state's business landscape.

This Outlook will offer further analysis, rich data, comprehensive business stories and a valuable resource for future business and industry planning.


With a history of business representation and advocacy stretching back more than 155 years, Business Chamber Queensland supports and empowers Queensland businesses to prosper both now and into the future.

Through practical guidance, informed leadership and innovative thinking we empower businesses in every region, across every industry and of every size to capitalise on the extraordinary opportunities available in Queensland.


At the pinnacle of Olympics and Paralympics impact is a celebration of elite sportsmen, sportswomen and their teams, international tourism, increased consumer spend in Queensland and a position on the global podium.

It must also be a chance to create a new legacy of urban and regional development, sustainability, infrastructure and global best practice while growing Queensland’s reputation for excellence in delivering world-class sustainable events and developing world-class sustainable businesses.

And it starts with considered recognition of both the opportunities and challenges to come.

Acknowledgement of Country

Business Chamber Queensland respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners and custodians of the lands from across Queensland and the Torres Strait. We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the Traditional Custodians of Meanjin (Brisbane), the lands where our office is located and the place we meet, work and learn. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.