ATA Carnets

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits duty free temporary importation of goods into over 87 countries for up to 12 months.

It is a system that also allows companies to avoid the time consuming procedures associated with the overseas customs regulations.

An ATA Carnet covers a wide range of goods used for commercial purposes:

  • Commercial samples
  • Jewellery
  • Professional equipment
  • Scientific equipment, musical instruments, theatrical costumes, TV and sound equipment
  • Photography and advertising goods & equipment
  • Equipment for sporting events
  • Goods for international exhibitions & trade fairs, conferences, lectures and presentations.

ATA Carnets are not intended for goods that will not be returning to Australia such as consumables, trade samples given away at trade shows or goods you intend to sell at destination.

The goods covered under Carnet must be returned to Australia within the stipulated time frame on the Carnet and without any alterations.

In the case of not returned goods covered by the Carnet, the exporter is liable to pay the applicable duties & taxes at destination and provide Business Chamber Queensland with evidence of payment from the overseas customs clearly indicating the Carnet number.

What are the advantages of an ATA Carnet?

  • Reduction in costs by eliminating value added taxes, sales taxes and customs duties at overseas customs ports
  • An ability to budget in Australian dollars, at a predetermined cost
  • Acceptance in over 87 different countries and territories
  • Validation for up to one year
  • Elimination of the need to register goods with Customs at the time of departure
  • Versatility as it can be used for most business related items
  • Simplifying Customs procedures for border crossing and cuts red tape by allowing one single document for all Customs formalities, thereby minimising uncertainty and surprises
  • ATA Carnets are widely recognised around the world
  • The ability for goods to be returned to Australia without problems or delays.

How do I organise an ATA carnet?

Download the ATA Carnet Scheme Explanation Notes to provide you with the information required on the process. Contact our office on 07 3192 0150 or [email protected] to obtain the ATA Carnet Application Form.

Our Business Chamber Queensland Export Documentation Team is here to help.

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International Membership

ATA Carnet benefits start from $789 Annually (ex GST)

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