KAFTA Certificate of Origin

What is KAFTA?

KAFTA stands for Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which entered into force on 12 December 2014.

Australia and Korea have had a strong trading relationship for many years. This relationship was enhanced in December 2014 with the entry into force of a free trade agreement between our two countries. By removing certain barriers to trade and investment, the Korea–Australia Free Trade Agreement makes doing business between our two countries easier.

What are the benefits of KAFTA for exporters & importers of goods?

KAFTA eliminates or reduces barriers to trade in goods between Australia and Korea. This benefits Australian businesses that:

  • Intend to or are currently exporting goods of Australian origin to Korea
  • Intend to or are currently importing goods of Korean origin for sale in Australia

One of the immediate benefits of KAFTA for exporters of goods is the rapid reductions or complete elimination of tariffs across a wide range of productsFor further information on the benefits of KAFTA, see here.

Australian export goods seeking preferential treatment must be accompanied by appropriate origin documentation such as ACCI KAFTA Certificates of Origin completed according to the requirements of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

What is an ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin?

An ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin is documentary evidence that goods originate in Australia or Korea in accordance with the provisions of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement. 

A special ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin template is required to be completed and signed by the exporter/producer to be processed by the Chamber. It can be completed and submitted by the freight company on the exporter's behalf.

To obtain an ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin, you must first register with us as an exporter under KAFTA. 

Click here to download a registration form.

Once obtained from the Chamber, the original ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin should be forwarded to the importer to clear the goods through customs in Korea.

A separate, valid ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin is required for each shipment of goods in order for your importer to claim preferential duty rates under KAFTA. 

Are my goods eligible?

Only goods that originate in either Thailand or Australia enjoy preferential tariff rates. KAFTA preferential rules of origin are agreed criteria used to ensure that this is the case. These criteria are required to prevent trans-shipment, where goods from a third party are redirected through either Korea or Australia to avoid paying higher tariffs. Any imports into Thailand or Australia that do not comply with the rules set out in Chapter 3 and KAFTA Annex 3A will be subject to the general rate of duty applied in Australia or Thailand instead of the preferential tariff rates available under KAFTA.

For Australian exporters, in general, goods which are 'originating' under KAFTA and eligible for ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin are:

  • Wholly obtained or produced entirely in Australia (or Australia and Korea)
  • Produced entirely in Australia (or Australia and Korea), from materials classified as 'originating' under the rules of origin
  • Manufactured in Australia (or Australia and Korea) using inputs from other countries, and meets the Product Specific Rules (PSR) applicable to that good

For further information, please refer to the Guide to using KAFTA to export and import goods or contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on (02) 6261 1111

Why do I need a KAFTA Certificate of Origin?

KAFTA Certificates of Origin are required to demonstrate the originating status of your goods to the customs authorities in Korea in order for your importer to qualify for the reduced tariff rates under the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Or simply put, KAFTA Certificates of Origin are required to access the reduced tariff/duty rates on goods under the Agreement.

How do I organise an KAFTA Certificate of Origin?

Step 1: Complete the Exporter Information C04 Form to register your business under KAFTA.

Step 2: Email your completed C04 form to Business Chamber Queensland International Trade Services to [email protected].

Step 3: Once your registration has been received and accepted, we will email you your company registration number under KAFTA and the ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin template with the corresponding instructions on how to complete it. We may also request supporting evidence.

Step 4: Submit the completed ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin to [email protected] or through our electronic certificates provider essCert or TradeStylus.

Step 5: Forward the original (printed in colour, double sided on A4 white paper) of the ACCI KAFTA Certificate of Origin to your importer.

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