Business outlook sets out four key business and economic factors in the lead up to and beyond the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Friday 27 October, 2023 | By: Emma Clarke

The state’s peak business body is setting the agenda for Queensland Beyond 2032 following the latest business insight into the economy and global markets, workforce, digitalisation and business sustainability providing a preview of the path that lies ahead for the state's business landscape.  

Released this week, Business Chamber Queensland’s Beyond 2032 Business Outlook is a comprehensive, contemporary and long-term vision for the enduring economic, social and environmental future of Queensland.

The research was formed using decades of business data, business insight and experiences from Gympie to Geneva as well as the lived experience from Olympics host cities in Europe and the UK, to set the scene for the Queensland Olympic and Paralympic Games opportunities against a global context.  

CEO Heidi Cooper said it was a critical resource for the state’s business community, industry and decision makers in both the immediate and long term.  

“For Queensland’s business community, the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and refashion our state as a contemporary and competitive global player, in the lead-up to, and beyond, 2032.  

“Through the catalyst that is the Olympics and Paralympic Games, we can enhance Queensland’s growth – both for the decade preceding 2032 and the years that will follow.” 

Beyond 2032 considers the growth opportunity across four key pillars; extending the economic horizon in local and global markets, digital and innovation, growing the future workforce and advancing Queensland sustainability.  

“Our vision is every business, of every size and in every part of the state will benefit from the growth to come over the next decade and beyond but to see that realised, we must ensure businesses are at the forefront of planning, decision making, investment and opportunities – that will set the foundation for business gold,” Ms Cooper said.  

"Global sporting events such as the Olympics and Paralympics drive motivation to advance the business experience, from sustainability and economic growth to prosperity and positive legacy. To realise a positive business outcome, there must be careful consideration of both the opportunities and challenges.  

“As the state’s peak body for business, Business Chamber Queensland will lead a conversation that comes down to one key outcome: positioning the whole Queensland business community and economy beyond 2032. 

“There is still work to do and this business outlook is just the beginning. We will continue to lead the business agenda now and beyond 2032, with a forthcoming comprehensive Business Outlook which will offer further analysis, more rich data, comprehensive business stories and another valuable resource for future business and industry planning.”  

Many Queensland businesses are already looking to scale and diversify their operations to capitalise on economic opportunity and global demand long-term.  

Gold Coast skin care manufacturer Skin02 CEO Alison Atia is already thinking global, all from the heart of one of Queensland’s most in-demand international tourism regions on the Gold Coast. 

Husband and wife team Dr Aaron Atia and Alison Atia established SkinO2 in 2005, to help patients recover from surgery and provide protection from the Australian sun.   

The business has since grown to be sold in thousands of clinics across the country as well as into multiple international markets including Vietnam, Morocco, Korea, America and India. SkinO2 has been a Business Chamber Queensland export member for close to two decades.  

“We already have good scalable systems in place in terms of manufacturing, logistics and creation of new jobs in line with our strong growth forecast, so we are in a good position to take advantage of the Olympics demand opportunity,” Ms Atia said.  

Ms Atia said developing comprehensive tourism promotion strategies would highlight the unique cultural, historical, and natural attractions of the host city and its surrounding areas like the Gold Coast while collaboration and networking was critical to long-term economic success.  

“This can help in attracting tourists before, during, and after the event, boosting local businesses and the economy,” Ms Atia said.  

”Fostering collaboration among local businesses, organisations and individuals to form strong networks and partnerships can also help in generating new ideas, sharing resources, and collectively working towards common goals.” 

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Acknowledgement of Country

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