Course Outline

To help employers address the labour shortage, Business Chamber Queensland has launched the Workforce Evolve program. This Queensland Government-funded e-learning program is designed to help employers think differently about who they hire and how to retain them in the future.

The program is delivered via six fully online, flexible modules that will equip employers with the skills they need to make the most of a diverse and inclusive workforce. The training helps you attain your sustainable development goals and ensures your business is future-ready for tenders.

Each business has the opportunity to book 1 hour of individual coaching with a Workforce Coach once they have commenced the program.

The program is free and open to any employer in Queensland


Topics and Resources 

1. Plan Your Workplace


7 lessons

45 mins

Apply a diversity and inclusion lens to your strategic planning.


Assessing the workplace environment​.

Creating a business plan​

PESTLE and SWOT Analysis

 Determining Workplace Culture​

7 S Model workplace culture audit​

Driving successful culture change​

Current workforce profile​

Workforce participation​

Reviewing current workforce

Barriers to employment​

Inclusive recruitment​

Removing barriers to employment



  1. Business Plan On A Page
  2. Comprehensive Business Plan Template
  3. Workplace Culture Info Sheet
  4. Environment Scan PESTLE checklist
  5. Workforce Participation Info Sheet

2. Secure Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

7 lessons

45 mins

Set yourself apart as an employer of choice in the job market with a strong Employee Value Proposition. 



EVP: What it is and why you should have one 

The benefits of a strong EVP 

How to develop your EVP 

Improve retention by embedding your EVP throughout the employee lifecycle 

The process of creating your EVP 

Using your EVP to support your strategy 

Aligning your EVP with your culture, goals and employee needs 



  1. EVP examples x3 
  2. EVP worksheet 


3. Design Your Workplace & Workforce

8 lessons

60 mins

All about workforce planning and workplace practices with an introduction to change management. 


Workforce planning and design

Flexible working Policies and Procedures

Inclusive recruitment

Challenging recruitment bias

Job analysis, design and description

Attraction and selection


Pitfalls of traditional recruitment

Transformational andTransactional Change

4 steps to Transformational change 



  1. Workforce Planning Worksheet (4 steps)
  2. Recommended Policies

4. Prepare Management​

7 lessons

45 mins

Tools and resources for leaders and frontline managers to understand their responsibilities.​


Employment legislation

Industrial Instruments (Fair Work Act, Awards, EA, contract, NES)

Risks of non-compliance, benefits of compliance

Performance Management

Performance Improvement Plan 

Recruitment strategies

Recruitment dos and don’ts

Community connections

Pre-employment readiness 

Needs assessment for diversity and inclusion



  1. Employment Law Checklist Info Sheet 
  2. Needs Assessment Guide

5. Prepare Your Workforce​

7 lessons

45 mins

Strategies to manage and deliver transformational change​. 


Workplace change​ 

Benefits of change​ 

Principles of change management 

Change resistance​ 

5 stages of grief and reasons driving resistance​ 

Addressing resistance​ 

Accelerating Change and Transformation (ACT) model​ 


Shifting mindset to embrace diversity 



  1. Change management guide
  2. Communication plan checklist

6. Support Your Workforce​

7 lessons

50 mins

Employment law, legislation and tips on how to right size. 


Ending employment

Valid reasons for dismissal & Unfair dismissal

Procedural fairness

Termination pay

Notice requirements

Restructuring the Workplace


Restructuring dos and don’ts

Best practice consultation

Workplace rights

General protections and claims

Workplace Discrimination

Anti-discrimination legislation

Protected attributes

Avoiding discrimination



  1. Consultation and Redundancy Guide​ 
  2. Redundancy Fact Sheet​ 
  3. Termination Checklist 

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Acknowledgement of Country

Business Chamber Queensland respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners and custodians of the lands from across Queensland and the Torres Strait. We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal people as the Traditional Custodians of Meanjin (Brisbane), the lands where our office is located and the place we meet, work and learn. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.