Workforce Evolve FAQ

What is the Workforce Evolve program? 

The Workforce Evolve program provides Queensland employers with a unique and innovative solution to attract and retain their workforces, while enhancing participation among specific and currently under-represented cohorts of potential employees.

 This project is funded by the Queensland Government through its Workforce Connect Fund.   


Can only employers access Workforce Evolve? 

Yes, Workforce Evolve is a program for employers and their representatives only, or managers. This program is not designed for employees.


Who can register for Workforce Evolve? 

To be eligible to undertake the Workforce Evolve program, businesses must: 

  • Be a legally structured business in Queensland
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)


Does my registration for Workforce Evolve cost anything? 

Workforce Evolve is a free online learning program .

You will need to invest your time and effort to gain the full benefits of the program. It is anticipated that the program will involve 7 - 14 hours of your time.

You will also have access to free one-on-one coaching per module from an experienced Workforce Coach. Bookings with can be made directly from the module.


How do I register for the Workforce Evolve program? 

It’s easy, get started in 3 steps: 


  1. Complete the Registration form.
  2. Complete the Business Assessment form (emailed to your nominated key contact on completing the registration form).

Receive your Workforce Evolve login details to access your learning modules. These details will be emailed to your nominated key contact.   


What is the Business Assessment?

The Business Assessment is the second step to unlocking your access to the Workforce Evolve learning platform.

You will be emailed your unique link to provide information on:

  • Your business
  • Attraction and retention
  • Employment practices
  • Workplace Change
  • Statutory and Industrial Obligations

This information will help our Workforce Coaches understand your current workplace practices. Please allow 10-15 mins to complete this step.


You should receive your email from Workforce Evolve within 10 minutes of completing the registration form. If you don’t, search your junk/other/spam folder or search your inbox for “Workforce Evolve”.


What does the Workforce Evolve program involve? 

You will complete six learning modules on relevant topics that will assist you to transform your workforce.  Module topics are: 

  1. Plan Your Workplace
  2. Secure Your EVP
  3. Design Your Workplace and Workforce
  4. Prepare Management
  5. Prepare Your Workforce
  6. Support Your Workforce.

How is the Workforce Evolve program structured? 

Each Module contains a menu outlining the bite size lesson topics which each contain multimodal learning content to suit various learning styles. You will be able to:

  • Watch a webinar on the topic – durations vary from 1 to 15 minutes
  • Read and interact with learning content
  • Download supporting material that complements the lessons
  • Access content sources.  

By completing the modules and accessing the supporting material, and talking to a Workforce Coach, participants will be armed with relevant information and assistance to examine and understand how to address workforce needs with innovative and flexible solutions.   

Workforce Evolve will be run on a BDO designed learning management system platform.  


Can I register for more than one business in the Workforce Evolve program? 

Yes, you can! Nominate each employee when you complete the registration form. Each person nominated on the registration form will be emailed their unique link to access the Workforce Evolve training modules. 

 You will find this field towards the end of the form:


How do I receive my log in details to access my learning?

Once you have completed step 1 Registration form and step 2 the Business Assessment you will be sent an email with the link to access the Workforce Evolve learning system.


Can I register more than one business in the Workforce Evolve program? 

Yes you can! You will need complete both the registration and business assessment forms for each business so you can be provided unique links to access the Workforce Evolve training modules. 

Nominate your Key Contact for each business – they will receive all email correspondence.

If you would like to register more than one employee per business go to the previous FAQ.


How will I be supported through the Workforce Evolve journey? 

Throughout your journey you will be able to access one-on-one coaching with an experienced Workforce Coach and access more targeted support from our referral partners.

At the end of each training module, you will have the opportunity to book a one-on-one coaching session with a Workforce Coach. During each session, you can discuss the learnings covered in the module and seek further guidance specific to your workplace. 

You can find all our Workforce Evolve Referral Partners here. You can reach out to them directly or your Workforce Coach can help you identify who could best support you achieve your specific needs.

What to expect on your Workforce Evolve journey:


Can I really access free Workforce Coaching?

Yes! You can book a free 45 minute one-on-one appointment with one of our Workforce Coaches. You will find the booking option at the end of each of our 6 training modules.

You will need to have completed the Registration and Business Assessment to gain access to the learning platform where you will be able to book your coaching appointments.


Who are the Referral Partners and what can I expect?

Some businesses will require more targeted and tailored support to achieve their needs, which are beyond the scope of this program. So we have partnered with specialist providers in diversity and inclusion. You can contact our Referral Partners or be referred to a specific partner by a Workforce Coach.

What to expect? This will be different for each referral partner will be able to provide unique solutions and services to support your business to identify and achieve your diversity and inclusion goals.


How long does the Workforce Evolve program run for? 

The Workforce Evolve program is Government funded until April 2024. Registered learners will have access at any time to learning content for this period.


How will my personal information be treated? 

Both Business Chamber Queensland and BDO Australia are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information obtained through their operations as professional organisations.  Please refer to the links to these policies below. 

Business Chamber Queensland Privacy Policy       

BDO Privacy Policy                                                            


What if I have a technical problem accessing the Workforce Evolve portal? 

Please take a screenshot of the problem/error message and email this to [email protected] 

Acknowledgement of Country

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